Friday, October 7, 2011

Jewelry Hanger

I took inspiration for a jewelry hanger from something I saw on Pinterest (surprise, surprise!) & ended up making one for $4. I couldn't believe how lucky I got finding what I needed, but that's what the wonderful store of Ikea will do for you! I found the towel rack for $1.99 & 20 'S' hooks for $2. So cheap and easy & I love that I can actually see all of them as I'm leaving my closet. I have found myself accessorizing even more than before. LOVE that Ikea! 

 Hung so pretty...
 After I got the rod hung, I couldn't help but figure out a way to display my earrings too, so I added some jute yarn to the wall with push tacks & hung them all side by side. 
Here's the finished product! You should try making one yourself! 
Have you found any new and fun storage solutions lately?


The Kopers said...

You are so creative! Love it!

TDF Photography TM said...

I use TIE RACKS from the dollar store... a foot long with 10 pegs on the top row and 10 on the bottom, this allows me to have earrings on top and coordinating necklaces directly below.
I currently have 6 and need more, they are neat and clean and do the job for a buck!