Friday, July 29, 2011


I came across this precious little Adirondack chair at Lowe's for right under $10 & just had to get it. I initially was focused on using it as a prop for my 18-month old's summer photo shoot. I chose coral because it's girly & so 'in' right now (haha) AND it complimented her lime-green swimsuit which is also She LOVES this chair & our pictures turned out
beyond precious, thanks to our friends at Cozart Photography.

She looks like such a big girl!
I decided to add a little more pizazz to the chair by adding on some simply cute glitter stickers by Stickabilities from the scrapbook department of Hobby Lobby. Kennady loved having her name on the chair so much (sarcasm intended) that she decided to peel them off one by one while mommy wasn't looking one, to prevent such a disaster from happening again, on the second round I plan to seal it somehow. I'm looking for suggestions from you fellow crafters for a product that would seal stickers to plastic really well. In the meantime, it's still so.stinkin.cute. This is what it looked like after a little love & before little monkey fingers went to work on messing it up.

For a very reasonable $13, you too could have this sweet little chair
personalized & lookin' chic for your little one. Thanks for stopping by!


B and Bs Mama said...

I love this chair! What a cute idea and what a great way to make her feel so special! Great job!! Laura at

The Kopers said...

Cute! If you're still looking for a way to seal it, I've bought some spray-sealer at Hobby Lobby before for wood. I know they have it for metal, too. And I would think they have it for plastic. It's just a spray-on polyurithane I think and it works pretty well. Also, you could decopouge (oh man, I know that's spelled wrong!) with some Modge Podge aslo available at Hobby Lobby. You just brush it on under and over the stickers, basically saturating the stickers and it dries clear and is really strong and won't leave any "edges" for the Little Miss to start picking at.
Oh my goodness - longest comment ever!

Jamie said...

What a cute chair. And for such an adorable little girl. More the Merrier Monday will be open until Wednesday at midnight. I would love for you to stop by and link up your chair.

{ L } said...

I'm really liking the COLOR of this chair! :) And she is simply a DOLL.

I wanted to stop over and let you know some good news! You are the WINNER of the Build a Dream Playhouse. If you can send me your email address I will have them contact you so you can make your selection and arrange shipment. CONGRATULATIONS and I hope you enjoy it. <3