Thursday, May 26, 2011

Crafty Thoughts...

Lately, I have come across several fun and super-cute crafts that I really want to find the time to make sometime in the near future. Being in LR has really provided me with some time to myself, seeing as how I don't have my own home to clean closets out, mow the yard, organize the attic, etc. So, I'm taking advantage & Google searching, finding fun sites, & thrifty but adorable crafts for the home & for gifts. Here are just a few that I have found that get me a little giddy inside:

This is one of the most creative 'upcycle' projects I've ever seen. I wish things & ideas like this popped into my head randomly. This is a vintage suitcase turned cozy-chair. This girl at See Kate Sew got the suitcase for $3 at a thrift about a steal! I would love to try something like this someday, but I don't know if I need another chair right now. Plus it's kind of a 'bigger' project. It's so stinkin' cute though.

This is a really sweet & delicate banner that would look so cute on my mantle. As all of you creative minds know, this could say anything you wanted it to. The tutorial for it can be found at My Blessed Life. You probably wouldn't have guessed that you only need 5 materials & that cute paperback is scrapbook pieces, huh?! So easy and cute.

This one, I found today via The Frugal Girl's website. The woman labels this Framed Chalkboard as a wedding gift, but I think it would be cute for anyone, especially high school grads. Super cute, because I LOVE this frame. I probably would have left it a mirror for my home, but the chalkboard is super creative. A little love-note from your hubby left on a chalkboard only makes the morning better, right?! Alright, I know it would most likely be the other way around, seeing as how I am usually the last to get in bed & the more thoughtful note leaver, but hey...a girl can dream, can't she?!

The cutest thing ever might be this Burlap Wreath. I'm a little hesitant to post this one as I'm thinking about making such things as presents for my favorite people. I'm sure you would still be excited/shocked/overwhelmingly happy to receive one as a gift even if you read this, right?! We will have to see how easy/hard they are to make and go from there. A tutorial for this cutie can be found on Tatertots & Jello. C.U.T.E. stuff, lady!!

Another one from the My Blessed Life site is this tiered plate server that can be done for under $5!! Can't beat that! I think I might make one for every season, but then I'd have to find somewhere to store them...oh well, what crafter can actually ever find somewhere to put all of their crafts, anyways?! It doesn't seem to make them stop making stuff, so I guess I'll figure that one out. That's what the attic in the off-season is for, right?! I might even throw a few more parties, just to show them off! ha. Like I need another reason to have friends over for a good time, but whatever. I'll rationalize my crafty-craziness in whatever way I choose. :)

Well, those are just a few of the fun things I've wanted to delve into these days. We'll see how much I can find time for, afford, & get home from this place. If you're bored this summer, maybe you should try a few too! :)


The Kopers said...

LOVE all the crafty ideas! I've been thinking about making one of those tiered serving plates for a while - but then storage space always stops me from doing it, too. I was even at Salvation Army a few weeks ago looking at old china plates and candle sticks and thinking about that craft. We just need to make them!

Crystal said...

Love all of them but the wreath is super cute! I found a website that has a bunch of creative ideas and i'll email it to you.