Thursday, December 31, 2009

Whew! So much to catch up on...

Well, obviously we've been quite the busy little family this holiday season. We started out by attacking our first long road trip with a newborn Wednesday of last week. We rode from Fayetteville, NC to Orlando, 8 1/2 hour trek that only took us 9 1/2 hours. It was awesome. Kennady was a champ and pretty much slept the whole day, minus the feedings and changings. We were very pleased at how well it went. We got to Orlando and stayed with Chad's parents for 3 days, including Christmas & had a wonderful Christmas day. As you can imagine, Kenna came away with a slew of presents from the grandparents & her auntie & uncle. Oh, how the Christmas tides have shifted! :) It was great fun. Too bad she actually slept through the WHOLE thing. hah.

On Sunday, we hopped on a plane and flew here to Texas. Once again, our little lady was a fabulous traveler. In four hours of flying, we only heard her squawk-cry probably twice. And her cry is so cute, I'm pretty sure no one had any bad ju-ju to throw our way. We have been spending the last 4 days with my family, having another Christmas and hanging out. For New Year's, I think it's going to be a family game night with champagne and pizza, ha. What a combo! :)

Yesterday, Chad, myself, my mom, & Kennady spent the day in Abilene looking for potential houses for us to buy. We got to walk through a good 12 houses or so and accomplished a couple of good things. We haven't quite found one just yet, but it was just a preliminary look for the most part anyways. We were mostly using that trip to give us a more clear idea about what is available at different price points, while scoping out some different neighborhoods that we may or may not want to live in at the same time. It was a very productive day & we can't wait to go back in February with a 'going to buy' attitude. It's going to be great.

Monday was just 'one of those days'. As a new mother, I have been doing a really good job of being prepared when we go places, with everything Kenna might need from A to Z in her diaper bag. Well, Tuesday we went to lunch at McAlister's with my fam and ended up spending the whole day in town at my sister's house playing Mariokart on my niece's new Wii. Then, we had planned to go to Rosa's (duh) for dinner at about 7:00pm. Well, about 6:45pm, Kennady decides she's hungry & mommy realizes we had been gone so long that day that we were now out of formula packets (we are feeding boob & formula for those who may be confused a little later in this post) in the diaper bag. So, we made a quick trip home to get some (annoying) and postponed dinner for a little while. THEN, we are at Rosa's eating happily & getting ready to leave when she gets a little fussy because of a VERY dirty diaper. Well, Rosa's wasn't all that busy being that it was a Monday night & the bathrooms always smell like rotten eggs, so we decided to change her right there in a corner booth where no one was around. As I get this nasty diaper off of her, I go digging in the bag for a clean diapee, and dun, dun, dun, there are NONE to be found. UGH!!! Why didn't mama check to see if we were out of any of our other supplies too you might ask?? Well, I was asking myself the same thing as my daughter's business is out in public and she is on the brink of having a meltdown, being that she hates to be naked & the outfit she had on got a bit soiled too. This is where improvisation comes into play. I didn't have anything else to do but to stick a maxi-pad on the inside of her onesie and hope that she decided to stay clean until we got home 15 minutes later. Luckily, I had a new and clean outfit to put her in, but still...a maxi on a 3 1/2 week old baby...poor girl, haha. Thank God we made it home without any hitches. A little bit later my friend Nicole and I were hanging out; she's feeding Kenna from a bottle while I was pumping in my parent's tv room with the doors closed. All of a sudden, my 9-year-old niece Taylor opens the pocket doors, sees me hooked up to this crazy udder-sucking machine, turns her head in confusion (like a puppy who heard a funny noise), and gently closes the doors back without a word. About 3 minutes later, my mom and sister walk in laughing at how Taylor's face was glazed over with confusion when she came back into their room. Cue the 'breastfeeding & the crazy machine' conversation here. Ha. I didn't even consider the possibility of her walking in. Had I thought about that, I would have taken the liberties to explain to her what I was doing (or about to do) before she walked in and shocked herself. It was too cute and as you would imagine, she was as bashful about it as a 9-year-old little girl would be. Clarification, it wasn't the breastfeeding that got her...she knows all about was the pump that threw her for a serious loop. Too funny and maybe what I might consider as strike 3 for that day. It just seemed like it wouldn't end, haha. Good stuff.

Well, I guess that's all I really have for now. I really hope that everyone had a very blessed and Merry Christmas with your family and friends. Happy early New Year's to everybody! May safety and happiness blanket everyone as we welcome 2010!

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Jackie said...

Hey this is Sarah! I remember when Mackenzie was only 4 weeks old I went to a baby shower in miles and then realized I forgot the nipple to the bottle so we were rushing home all the while I was saying how great of a mother I was NOT! it is definitely a learning experience. You are not alone!!!