Wednesday, November 18, 2009


We officially got our Christmas tree up & beautiful last Saturday. Since then, I have also finished our Christmas shopping for both of our families this season (woo-hoo)! All of the presents are beautifully wrapped and adorning our floor underneath our purdy tree. All we have left are a couple of gifts for each other & also some fun stuff for little Kenna. Ahhhhh, it feels good.

On another exciting note, my mommy is set to arrive here this coming Saturday! She is going to be here for 2 full weeks and we are super-excited about that. Honestly, I'm quite excited that she will be a relief to my obsessive cleaning & 'nesting'. It's going to be so nice to have her here once Kennady makes her debut, too. She's an amazing cook (hence why she is in charge of making & serving Thanksgiving for all of our visitors), she's great at cleaning as she goes, and most of all, she knows so much about loving and caring for babies. Can't wait til the weekend gets here!

Only 6 days 'til our due date, ya'll! It's crazy exciting! We can't wait for her to be here (I know, I sound like a broken record, but seriously). Chad wanted me to start jumping up and down yesterday to coax her into getting here earlier, haha. I know, she will come when she wants to & if she's anything like her mother, she'll probably hang in there as long as possible because we love ourselves some warm, cuddly sleep! Ha. Please continue to pray for us. Both of our healths & an easy (ha), successful labor day (whenever it may be).

If I haven't filled you in yet, we have several visitors coming to see us next week. Mom is Saturday, my best friends Nicole & Kyla & bro-in-law Chris are coming on Tuesday (her due date), sis-in-law Cathy is coming on Wednesday, & my sis Laura is going to be here on Thanksgiving Day. We are 'planning' on having Thanksgiving dinner as we usually would, secretly hoping that she has either come by then or decides to on that day. :) We shall see how it all works out pretty soon! Visitors are fabulous & we can't wait for them to all arrive! :)

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