Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Talk about bittersweet...

Well, today is what all military wives know as our own personal 'doom's day'. I got up this morning to take my husband and his brother to the airport for their trek back home and then overseas. This deployment is going to be a good one, especially for Chad since he will be in Germany rather than the desert, but no matter how good things might look from the outside...life just never is the same when you are left without your other half. I'm mostly sad because he's going to miss out on the baby fun that both of us are so excited about. Me getting larger and larger and finding out the sex, etc. I have plans to keep him informed and to make him still feel included in the process, but he won't be there to hold my hand and cry with me when we find out the sex and see our baby for the first time (on screen). But, I guess that's going to be the sacrifices we have to make to ensure that he is here for the more important parts, like the birth and crucial first months. We can definitely thank God for working that out for us!

We had the greatest of weekends here in SA-town and I am so sad it's over already. I guess good things really can't go on forever, but that's a shame. We had a fun-filled but long road trip, we finally got here, and the party began. Friday night we ate a homemade lasagna at my parent's house and pitched the infamous washers in the backyard til about midnight. After a night of sleepy recovery, we went to eat lunch at Rosa's, which we had been looking forward to for months! It was delicious, as usual. Then, we took a stroll around town to show Cassandra what has changed these past 4 years and Chris what SA-town had to offer. There was a torrential downpour going on at the same time, so it made for difficult sight-seeing, but it was eventful nonetheless. Then, we came home to prep ourselves for a fabulous fajita bar-b-que in the backyard and continued the washer pitching games. We spent all day outside and enjoyed some delicious beer-butt chicken...yes, they stick a beer in the chicken's butt and slow-cook it on the grill...it was so yummy and juicy.

Sunday rolled around and we decided to go see Night at the Museum II at the theatre and followed it up with linner (late lunch, early dinner) at Cheddar's. The food was great and the movie was cute. We headed home to change and get prepped for going to Woofers & Tweeters to meet up with a bunch of friends and some family there. Oh goodness, did we have some fun there! I always said I'd never get on a karaoke stage in public, but that sure didn't last long. I think I was up there about 6 times by the end of the night...poor people. I can't really carry a tune at all, but I can rap the heck out of some Baby Got Back and Ice Ice Baby, so I did. :) It was a really good time and we have some great pictures and videos to prove it, although to prevent incriminating or embarrassing myself any further, I believe I will abstain from posting them. Ha. We followed the good time there up with the usual midnight trip to Whataburger for some munchies. MMM, biscuits and gravy at 2:00 in the morning, haha. That's good for the flub...

Monday rolled around and we molested Rosa's again for all of the good Mexican food we could get our hands on. Then we took Cassandra to the airport so she could head back soon after that. That was a sad afternoon. We didn't want her to leave. :(

It was a pretty day outside yesterday, so we went out to KK's dad's lakehouse and boated around for a little while on Nasworthy. It was busy with people and college kids everywhere! I have never seen the horseshoe that packed with boats and people! We played some yard games like corn hole, washers, and polish golf (or whatever they call it) for a while before I decided I needed food or I was going to pass out. Ha. We went to Sonic to satisfy the craving and finished up the evening with a short round of disk golf at Grassy Meadows on the lake. A trip back home and a couple washer games later, we all hit the sack dreading this morning.

I think we made a believer out of Chris in his first trip to SA. He honestly didn't want to leave. I'm really glad everyone enjoyed themselves so much this weekend. It's great having a house full of people you care about. And a late Happy Memorial Day to all of you brave and sacrificing men and women, moms and dads, husbands and wives of the military forces! We appreciate you and know what you go through! :)

Now, I must focus on the excitement of the fun-filled Texas summer that is quickly approaching. Washing clothes, unpacking and re-packing (for Vegas) are on my to-do list today, so I must sign off! Hope everyone had a great weekend! :)

To make this easy, here is the link to my pictures from the weekend on Facebook. Or you could just go check 'em out there all of you Facebookers. :)


Laura said...

what a fun time!! please post pictures. :)

Shaunna said...

Sounds like a great weekend!!!

Praying the time away from your hubby goes by quickly!!

How are you feeling these days? Morning/All Day sickness any better? I hope so!!

cassandra sagan webb said...

I'm thinking about you today! Praying for you. Miss you!!!