Tuesday, April 28, 2009

First Baby Doctor Visit...

Well, today was our first baby doctor visit. It was everything I expected it to be. Chad got to go with me so that was good. He got to experience his first ever 'girl exam', haha. Educational I'm sure. I was glad to have him there because when they drew the blood (4 viles of it), I needed a good distraction. He started reading something that was on the wall....'100 ways to stay happy in your marriage' or something. It was quite interesting, but most of all distracting in a good way. Peeing in a cup is always fun...no surprise there. And, based on their scale, it seems I've lost 3 pounds. I know that's not great, but I've been eating everything that I can. It just seems like my diet and calories have probably been cut by quite a bit, being that I don't always feel like I am going to be able to keep my stuff down. I'm sure the weights are soon to change though! No worries there! :) And our due date has been marked as November 24th, just 2 days before Thanksgiving goodness! :)

Last night was a bit rough. I ate chicken and peppers with Chad and just didn't feel right at all for the next 5 hours or so. I was right. My stomach WAS NOT happy with me and you know what happened next. That's day 3 of prego puke rally so far. I guess I'm doing pretty good besides that.

I got a new Sex & the City dvd in the mail today. So, that's what I'm gonna do this afternoon. Interesting, huh?

Chad & I are looking into maybe purchasing a vehicle before baby comes. We need something that is more family supportive and functional than my '92 GMC Sierra single cab truck. Ha. So, we're looking at the Chevy Tahoe and thinking that might be our vehicle of choice. We perused a couple of car lots today for fun and saw a couple of good ones. I'll keep you updated on how that all goes.

I need to do some laundry and dishes and am totally not motivated to do either right now. Chad doesn't come home until about midnight tonight, so I guess I have a while to be lazy before I get my butt into gear. :)

This is such a boring post. I apologize. :-/.


Shaunna said...

Yay for Thanksgiving babies...I was born on Thanksgiving Day! To this day, my mom still lovingly calls me her 'Turkey Baby.' Glad everything went well...Those first visits to the "girl" doctor are always very educational for the hubbies;] Blake still doesn't like to talk about it- Ha!

Hope you get to eat a meal and keep it down today!

The Holik's said...

KELLY....I just discovered you are PREGNANT!!! Yeah, I am so excited!!

The Malley Clan said...

Hey Kelly! Don't worry about the puking it does subside somewhat. Our 2004 Tahoe is for sale with only 77k miles on it and third row seating if you are interested. :)Let me know!

cassandra sagan webb said...

Yay! Can't wait until you know it's a boy...haha ;)