Monday, March 9, 2009

I've fallen off...

Sorry for my absence, everyone. Even though I haven't felt like there's much to write about, there has been quite a few things going on in the last week and a half. So, bullets it is! :)

*I was waiting to post until I uploaded pictures from the wedding, but I'm too lazy and haven't gotten that done yet, so here is my alternative post.
*The wedding was fabulous. I was so glad to be there for Brandi and Derek. They looked beautiful & we had a lot of fun.
*I realized how extremely selfless and dedicated my husband is to me, once again. He drove 9 hours to get to the wedding on time and then turned around a day and a half later to get home in time for work...all by himself. I'll just let you sit there and imagine how painfully boring an 18-hour road trip would be all alone. He's so good to me.
*Chad & I have moved in with Cassandra for the remainder of our time here in AR. It's been fabulous & her queen-size guest bed is fabulous. And, now we get to play with Texas every day. :)
*Dancing with the Stars starts tonight and I'm super-excited! Go Shawn Johnson! I'm gonna go ahead and call it...I think she's going to win & I haven't even seen her dance yet.
*We watched 4 movies this weekend. Talk about LAZY. They were a weird collection: Nights in Rodanthe, My Sassy Girl, Beverly Hills Chihuahua, & Ghost Town. A couple of them were okay, but mostly just a good waste of time.
*I've been working hard on a digital photo book for all of our pictures from 2006 on I don't know if you have discovered all of the cool stuff you can do through their online photo department, but there's a lot of fun to be had creating things there. If you're a photo freak like me, create a free account and go check things out...I assure you a new addiction will arise.
*I've fallen off of the workout regiment we were on. I've officially become too lazy to care. I don't want to be at this point, so I need to take some good time to fix it and get back on the wagon. Ugh.
*Chad may be done with his upgrade by the end of this week if everything goes smoothly. I guess we will see...
*It's crazy hot like a summer day outside. Maybe I should go out there and try to get a tan! ha.
*I guess that's it for now. I have to go cook dinner. Adios.

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