Thursday, February 19, 2009


I have recently become addicted to flipping through all kinds of decorating magazines in my spare time. Chad & I are so excited to have a new house someday and I just love to think about the millions of home decorating possibilities there are. My favorites mags to flip through are Pottery Barn, Crate & Barrel, Home & Garden, & Elle Decor. I usually look through them with the spirit of only wanting to find inspiration, because buying their actual products is usually wayyyy too expensive.

I spend a lot of my free time going into stores like Ross, TJ Maxx, Target, Big Lots, Tuesday Morning, & even Burlington Coat Factory just so I can know what the store has to offer me. I'll walk through with my eyes open to who carries the softest and cheapest towels, who has nice mirrors and glassware for cheap, where to find similar accessories to the pictures in the magazines, and how to use a piece of furniture for multiple things. I keep a mental journal on where the best places are to find specific pieces and I think it's really going to help me save a lot of money when we actually do move into a new house and need new stuff.

I also search online through several websites that I like. They include, Ballard Designs, Ikea, Plow & Hearth, & They all have awesome furniture and some really great items and ideas for classy spaces. I can't wait to have a blank canvas to work on in our next house. I really didn't get to play around and make our first house that much of a home. The place was brand new with new paint, carpet, tile, and fixtures and there really wasn't any reason to change it. So, we made it work and tried to put our own little flair on it, but nothing extraordinary. So, it's exciting for us to get to move somewhere we can really feel at home and like it's a special space.

Sad part is we still have a little over a year before we're supposed to be transferred somewhere new. There isn't much we can do about that though, so we're just looking to the future with positivity and excitement. And I enjoy daydreaming these things out. Decorating is fun! :)
I love this rain shower and REALLY want one! We'll see how that goes! :) And the Japanese Soak Tub is an awesome alternative to the traditional bath tub. I think it would be fun to have. I think the seperate chair living room is an interesting concept. And the last bedroom is just really pretty, warm, and comfy.

And these are just 4 of about 40 pictures I've saved. Sad, I know :).

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