Thursday, November 13, 2008

Happiness Found...

Sorry for my absence! So much has happened since I last posted. Therefore, I think a bullet post may be of sorts here:

*I am officially HOME!! Chad & I got here on Sunday afternoon & it is oh-so-wonderful to be back. But, with every return home after 5 months, there are hiccups. The hiccups began as soon as we walked in our front door. The first thing Chad said was, "whaaat is that smell?!". As I took a breath in I also experienced the rotten, moldy, nasty stench of yuckiness in the air. Hmmm, what could that smell be?! As we search for the source, I come upon our washing machine, half-full of stagnant water that had been there, rotting away for at least a week or two. The culprit? Little cousin Travis who came over to wash clothes in our ghetto washing machine that only I know the tricks to. He got here, filled the washer with water & I guess couldn't figure out how to use it, so he gave up and left it. Ending in a disgusting smell for us to come home to. A little bleach & a couple cycles of water later, the smell had almost left the machine. The rest of the house though had to be aired out so we opened both doors, set the fan up to blow it out, lit some candles, & moved on. haha. Thank goodness that is over.

*Then, we turned the A/C on. Only to realize that the inside of it had been completely frozen over & no air was circulating like it's supposed to. We then open the intake to see what we could do. So we turned the emergency heat on and made it defrost. Seven sopping towels later, we had an iceless A/C again. We had to call in the reinforcements on Monday to come check on it because it froze up again overnight on Sunday. They put a dye pack in it to find where the free-on leak is and hopefully it will be completely fixed in a couple of weeks. Being that this is the 4th person we've had come out and check on it, we're kinda frustrated with the darn thing. But, what can you do?! At least its becoming winter and it works for the most part. Whew!

*Moving on to happy things! I've been complaining about the ghetto-ness of our washing machine for a long time. And finally, I won! The hubby finally gave in and agreed with me that his $75 dollar 80's style washer/dryer combo that he bought in college weren't up to par for us anymore. So, we ordered some from Home Depot and had them delivered yesterday afternoon. Hallelujah!!! I've since caught us up on laundry, including all of his desert stuff, and nine loads later, everything is CLEAN! And the amazing part is it only took me like 6 hours to do it all! As opposed to the 20 hours it would have taken on old machines! I'm so happy with them! My hubby is wonderful!

*Tuesday was Veteran's Day & Chad & I had a great day to spend together. We ate lunch at Olive Garden, went shopping for Christmas decorations at Hobby Lobby, checked out the going out of business sale at Linens 'N Things, bought some Yankee Christmas candles, & went Christmas tree shopping at Home Depot. We came home with all of our goodies & couldn't wait to set it all we did. I know, I know, we will probably get a lot of crap from everybody for setting up for Christmas so early, but here is our reason why. We are going to Arkansas Dec. 15th-19th and therefore, only have a month between now & then to enjoy our Christmas decorations. You would do it too if you were us & hadn't spent a Christmas together in 3 years, so there! haha. It's very pretty and we leave it lit up all the time :)! I love the winter & Christmas time!

*I spent all day today folding all 9 loads of clothes and putting them away. A ridiculous feat, but I finally got it all done! Thank goodness that's over!

*The temperature isn't quite cold here yet. It's a perfect 65 or so during the daytime. Today was rather dreary too, so it's trying its hardest to feel wintery.

*Tomorrow we leave to go to Myrtle Beach to visit Chad's parents for the weekend. We are very excited to see them and get to spend some good time with them. I haven't seen them since before Chad left and he only got to see them for about 30 minutes the day he returned, so they better be ready to be bombarded by us!

*We have also been catching up on all of our crazy shows this week! We have about 2 weeks worth to catch up on & it's been really fun. Some good tv to watch out there! I hope you're not missing out on it all!

Here are a couple pics from this past weekend:


Emily said...

It's never too early to set up for Christmas! So glad you are getting to finally spend one with him! Enjoy it!

The Holik's said...

Yeah, for getting a new washer!! I didn't know Linen N' THings is going out of business. Do they have some good sales?