Sunday, October 26, 2008

Life is Grand...

I woke up next to my husband, two nights in a row now! The first night was sort of surreal (& lovely), but now I know for sure that it's not just a dream. It's fabulous.

We are so happy & our reunion was SOOO good. :) Thanks for the encouragement ladies, haha.

Our photo shoot was a blast yesterday. The whole family had a great time taking the pictures, and they turned out awesome! Check 'em out here. Slade & Laura are so fun to work with & are really talented at what they do! Mom is so happy to have some great family pictures to display!

Last night was our super Halloween party & we were precious, I'm not gonna lie. Pics to come later on, probably tonight. It was a blast!

This morning, after only 5 hours of sleep, Chad & I met our friends Randi & Jason who are in town from Midland for breakfast at Ihop. It was yummy & so great to get to spend time with them! The lack of sleep was definitely worth some great buttermilk pancakes & playing catch up. Thanks for meeting us so early. We're glad we got to see you guys!

I think I'm gonna go join my hubby in watching some good 'ole t.v. now. Duty calls. :)

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cassandra sagan webb said...

Awww, this makes my heart happy! :)