Saturday, September 13, 2008

Bullets of Goodness...

*Just talked to the hubby, and a smile currently resides on my face. :)
*I just watched Baby Mama (cute movie) & now I'm back to having baby fever. Doesn't take much these days, huh?! :-P
*I'm really hoping I can fall right back to sleep here in about 10 minutes despite the fact that I took a fabulous 2 1/2 hour nap after work this evening. This rainy weather makes me TIRED...
*I'm dreading working again tomorrow. It seems like it just never stops, haha.
*My back is almost there. By that, I mean I'm only experiencing minor backaches and only on occasion. Working 10 hour days isn't helping it by any means, but I'm done with those for this week so we'll see if my recovery persists.
*I really want to learn to speak Spanish. I just don't really have the tools to make that happen right now. Hmmm (?).
*I'm confused about an extra bill that the Carnival cruise people sent me for an extra $178. I already paid for the thing people! Leave me alone!
*The hubby may get to come home on the 'rotator' which is the commercial plane (24 hour ride home) versus flying his plane back home (which is a 4 day excursion, with a good chance that the 50+ year old plane will break along the way, causing even more delay in his return). So, yay for quick, safe, & sooner returns!
*This hurricane Ike takes no prisoners, huh?! Wow, it's quite an amazing thing to watch. I hope those who were stupid and crazy enough to stay behind make it out okay. And for those who are losing everything they have (while they're not even there to watch it go), may God give them a BIG hug of protection & guidance. I can't imagine what they're going through.
*The infamous Miles Cottonfest is tomorrow. I can't decide if I'm attending or not. I guess it'll depend on the rain situation. I just don't roll with wet hair/clothes/body. haha.
*My bro & sis-in-law just got a new German Shepherd puppy. She's adorable and so easy-going. I wish we could have one, but our condo just doesn't support a big doggy like that. And, well, that might actually force me to stay in NC once in a while, lol......we'll wait another year and a half or so. haha.
*I'm starting a countdown for the days until Chad potentially returns. Yay for getting within a countable distance!
*NKOTB tickets are officially bought! I'm so excited. We're thinking about getting t-shirts made, haha. It's going to be awesome! :)
*That's all for now. Sorry for the bullets, but all my thoughts tonight were so totally random, I thought it would do the job best! Good night!

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