Friday, July 25, 2008

Will is a gonner...

I am so pissed that Will got voted off of SYTYCD last night. Seriously, America? Couldn't have picked Twitch or Mark? Well, I like both of them too, I just think that Will was best all-around. I've actually kind of already gotten over the fact that he's gone because we all know he'll be the leading role in a Broadway musical soon. He has no worries. And thank goodness it was finally time for Comfort to go...AGAIN. haha. I liked her personality, but she was just a little too gangsta for me I guess. :)

I'm still rooting hard for my girl Chelsie. And now that I'm forced to pick a different guy, I would have to choose Twitch. He was paired with my beginner-favorite, Kherington (who left just a short week ago...sad face) at the beginning of the show and I think he's done awesome since then when it comes to learning the dances and having personality. He's a cute black boy. And he has the least amount of professional training. It's gonna be a tough battle from here on out! I'm excited to see what happens in the coming weeks! :)

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