Friday, June 13, 2008

Come Back to Texas...

Well, I'm only about 3 days away from being on the road back to the greatest state on earth. And for anybody who doesn't already know my destination from that statement alone, you must not be a Texan. :)

All I have to do is get packed, study, and knock the crap out of this real estate exam on Saturday. Then I will be home free! :)

My hubby called tonight and said that he has officially made it to his destination safe and sound. He's ready to catch up on some sleep and misses his wifey (that's me) a whole lot already. I've been handling it pretty well so far, but I've also had my family here to hang out with and distract me. I'll have them around in TX too so that will be good, but reality is sure to kick in sometime soon. And the reality is, I'm not going to see him again until October. YUCK! It was great to hear his voice though.

The only thing I might miss from NC is the sweet tea and my home. Even though I complain a lot about cleaning it constantly and being bored out of my mind, I really do love the home we have made for ourselves. It's cute, not big enough, but OURS. And that's what I really love about it. Oh yea, and I love my tea kettle. If only I had room to pack it. haha.

Well, I'm done rambling for now. Catch ya on the flip side.

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Anonymous said...

"Come back to Texas
Its just not the same since you went away
Before you lose your accent
And forget all about the Lonestar State
There's a seat for you at the rodeo
And I've got every slow dance saved
Besides the Mexican food sux north of here anyway"
good song, except the line about having every slow dance saved...obviously written by a boy to a girl...sorry kell, i'm not gonna dance a slow dance with you