Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Orlando, the world of dreams...

Today has been fantabulous! (not a word, but I'm using it!) From start to finish. Here it goes. Chad & I had one of those nights last night where you start off your 'go to sleep' routine with a cuddle and we usually break apart after about 10 minutes, turn our separate ways, and sleep away the night. Last night on the other hand, we cuddled and ZZZZZZZZZZ. Neither one of us remember falling asleep or anything thereafter. It was a beautiful night of rest on his parent's king size guest bed. That's another thing. Our next bed is definitely going to be a king. Posturepedic king, if I have a say in it (and you all know I will :)). Anyways, we woke up at 9:00, got dressed, and headed out for a quick breakfast. My hubby is obsessed with Smoothie King so we hooked him up with one of those and I got my cold Tazo Black Tea along with a blueberry scone from Starbucks...mmm mmmm.

We then headed to the place where sea life abounds and smiles are made....that would be Sea World. This was my first time at Sea World and I have to admit it was really fun. We rode the big rollercoaster known as Kraken TWICE in a row because it was so early, there was NO LINE. It was awesome! Then we headed over to the other big ride which was called Journey to Atlantis. It was much like Splash Mountain where you're in the 'boat' and fly down into the water to get soaked. We were then cooled off and headed over towards the Shamu Stadium. On our way, we ran into a paddle boat station where you can rent them for 30 minutes of fun. So, we got in our paddle boat, which by the way was in the shape of a huge pink flamingo, and did our thing on the small lake they had there for us. It was a hot one, but lots of fun. We then walked over to the stadium to see the whale show. Man those trainers get to do some really cool stuff with those whales. It's amazing how they train them. We were accidentally sitting in the 'soak zone' and for anyone that has ever been to this show at Sea World, then you know that they aren't kidding! Shamu came around and sent water flying with his tail, all the way around the stadium. Anyone on the bottom 15 rows or so got a nice 50 degree shower! It was fun though, minus the sticky salt water.

We were getting hot so we grabbed some lunch at the Old Spice Mill and we proceeded to buy our gaudy picture frame and get outta there. We came home and decided it was pool time so we went swimming in his parent's backyard and later we grilled out. Some chicken breasts, roasted corn on the cob, and green beans later, we ate dinner and were happy. It was a great day. I'll have pictures to share soon. In the meantime, I'm gonna go see what our plans are for today. Adios for now! :)

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