Friday, May 30, 2008

Stay or Go, Stay or Go?!?

Chad & I are currently suffering from what I like to call, Air Force Squadron Incompetency, or AFSI. This is a very bad thing to come into contact with. Anyone who can, you should steer clear of it as good as possible. This is an example of the torture it can cause you:

=>You'll randomly and informally be told that your husband is being deployed only 4 weeks before they are supposed to leave the ground, which will come as a complete shock to both yours and your husband's hearts.
=>You will spend the next few weeks coping with the idea of your husband being gone again, right after he just got home. You find the positives of the situation and sell yourself on it now being a good idea, for the many benefits these situations can present.
=>You might as well make the best of it, so you make plans with your family and friends on what you're going to do and plan to improve yourselves over the period you are apart, in both schooling and your careers.
=> You'll be kept in the dark about all of the goings-on related to who else is deploying and the real reasons your husband has been chosen.
=>Your husband will try his hardest to prepare for deployment, including completion of all checklists necessary to prepare his body (like vaccinations, physical fitness test, & a physical), update all qualifications and flights needed to keep him current in everything he does while he's going to be gone.
=>The wife will be busy at home working hard to wash his desert uniforms and mail off his bedding (which is already on it's way overseas by the way).
=>You may later find out, only 11 days before they are suppose to leave that there is an 85% chance that your husband won't go any longer.
=>The happy idea of having him home during the Holidays for the first time we have been together is quickly shot to you know where.
=>The reason he may not go anymore is because the guy who your husband was a primary alternate for has now decided that despite needing back surgery, he is going to attempt to tough it out and deploy anyways. (seriously...come on!)
=>A rollercoaster of emotions may overcome you because what you're going through is rather ridiculous if I may say so myself.

Risks include nausea, tears, and a strain on your mental health.

As you can see, life is rather confusing right now. We would really appreciate someone being up front with us. Instead, we are choosing to leave it in God's hands to just let whatever's supposed to happen, to happen. And that's the only thing that keeps a smile on our faces. Please pray for us.


cassandra sagan webb said...

Oh my gosh. How frustrating! I guess the good news is that he MIGHT not have to go!? It sure would be nice to have a straight answer, though!! We'll be praying for you guys. I know how extremely frustrated and stressed out you must be. Poor Kell :(

Emily said...

Praying for you two...
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