Thursday, May 15, 2008

Hair Yuckiness Overted...

I got my hair done today and MAN were my locks in need of some TLC! I let 3 months go by since the last time my hair was done 'til now. That's SOOO much longer than it should be. I was definitely to the trashy stage of highlight land. Here's a picture to prove it.

That's almost 3 inches of regrowth. YUCK! I guess with all of the real estate stuff going on, and not having my KK (my hairstylist in TX) here to take care of me, I got distracted and let it get out of hand. I'm very thankful for Alyssa and her referral to a woman at JCPenney's. She was really cool and did a great job. It feels so healthy and smells so salon-y...I love it! Here is the after photo.

And here I am a happy girl. Hooray for hairstylists!

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