Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Glory Days...

Well, as you can probably imagine, our first few days with each other have been wonderful. It's so weird that they can be gone for that long and then come home, and it's almost like he never left at all. I guess that's how you know you've found the real thing. No matter what you go through, all of the elements stay the same. Love, playfulness, laughter, and happiness. It's been great. And I definitely DID shave Cass...I know you'll be proud to know I absolutely fit that into my list of things to do! haha. And it paid off if you know what I mean...and I know you do! ;) haha.

Here are a few pics of his return. This is in the baggage claim of the massive Mathis Field Airport in San Angelo. So glad he was finally in my arms again. And he got skinny, that punk, haha! :) I'm not complaining...just jealous!

This week so far has been filled with car searching & hanging out with the family. We went out on Friday night with my family to Graham's to go dance the night away. It was a good time. Then we went and played Disk Golf out at the lake Sunday afternoon when the weather was gorgeous. It was just one of those days where you couldn't keep yourself inside...we had to go do something fun in the sun so we went with a group of my brother's friends to learn the new game. It was a great day. Here's a pic of that...it was a blast...I encourage you to try it.
Well, he's running me out the door real fast before we go eat, so I'll be back with more later. Adios! :)

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