Sunday, January 27, 2008

Only one more month...

Well, final countdown time is actually here! I have purchased Chad's ticket to Texas and the date is set for exactly a month from today. Woo-hoo! We are excited, but we also know how long a month can feel. He'll have to move into the tents in a couple weeks and then he begins flying the plane back on the 19th. Yay!

We have plans for when he gets here already. We're going to go out and find us a good condition Dodge Stratus to make our new second vehicle, my family is taking him to his second rodeo ever here in San Angelo, we'll have a good time at the carnival and letting him experience that, it's my lil niece's 8th birthday so we are throwing her a party, having family game night, and hopefully, Chad & I get to have a late Valentine's Day celebration. I've never really enjoyed Valentine's Day all that much, but it's probably because I've never spent it with anyone as special as my Chad. I'm looking forward to a good time. I just can't WAIT to see him.

This weekend was a good one. Much like the last one, but this time game night ended up lasting til about 4:30am. I'm just proud of myself for not being 'old' and passing out early. Yay for still feeling young. haha.

Now back to work tomorrow...grrrrrr.

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cassandrasaganwebb. said...

You already have a date for when he's coming home!? Wow!! I still don't even have a clue when mine will be back.