Friday, December 28, 2007

MY honey...

So, I was initially going to get to spend New Years in Orlando with my favorite in-laws in the world. Unfortunately, plans changed a bit and I couldn't make it out there, so, I developed the genius idea for me to go visit my wonderful friend Cassandra, who is a dedicated reader...ah thank you :) haha. So I call her up, tell her I'm throwing the idea around in my head, and we both start mustering up our ideas of how lovely spending New Years together would be. It would be WAY less crappy than spending it 'alone', OF COURSE! So, we look for tickets, weighing the options of me driving an 18-hour round trip to Little Rock or flying for approximately the same price. Well, God bless Southwest Airlines and their military rates. They saved me about $150, and on very short notice. So, a good wife would do, I postpone my extravagant traveling ideas for a split second until I can consult my wonderful husband about the possible getaway that we are both looking so much forward to now! The tricky part comes in when I remind you that we are trying to focus all of our efforts on becoming completely financially free over this deployment. We are being responsible adults and taking charge of our own pocket books by not paying anyone we don't have to, anymore! 'Eliminate the Debt' is the motto of this deployment, and to give us a little credit, we have already accomplished some great things! I am very proud of us! Anywho, me being the guilty and unselfish person I am, I feel bad for spending the money that we could be spending on meeting our goals, to go take a vacation for a week while he's still miserable over there, doing the same old things everyday. But this is the great point I wanted to make...My husband is wonderful to me because this is how he responded to my guilty conscience/permission e-mail today (haha). (Hopefully he doesn't mind that I'm sharing it with you for I did not ask permission to do so, haha ;))

"Hey Darling,

First, I love you. With every beat of my heart. Second, yes if you didnt go, we could pay that money towards something else. But then you wouldn't get to go to arkansas and spend time with your friend and get a break and have fun and thats what I want. I'm your husband and my job is to see you happy. And that is why we work. To have the ability to have happy lives and do the things we want to do. And P.S.....if we wait till all the bills are paid and all the responsible things are taken care of, then we will NEVER get to have fun. So smile, buy your tickets, and I love you.

---Your Chad"

I just love him and can't wait to have him back in my arms soon! Girls, wait til you get one like this! He's one of those that many like to refer to as a "keeper"! Love him...and now you understand why, just a little better! :)


cassandrasaganwebb. said...

Oh, Kelly. Chad's email made me cry. I guess because reading it reminded me of my own husband. They are so good to us, aren't they? We are so blessed...geez.

Chelsey's Chatter said...

jealous..that's all I can say right now for how I'm feeling after reading this post..jealous! I'm pretty sure that you and Cass took all the keepers! ;0)Ya'll are gonna have a blast!